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3 Ways to Prepare For Storm Season

Knowing that a storm, hurricane, or flooding is coming and being ready to handle the damage or better yet avoiding damage to your home and belongings takes some planning. We have compiled a few tips for making storm season at least tolerable. Damage from storms ranges from the millions of dollars to billions. Don’t get caught in the percent of people who have to figure out how to restore your home.
Steps for handling a hurricane or flood take time and effort and are worth it.
  1. Check on getting flood insurance. Even if you have never had a flood, you should still look into getting flood coverage. Flood plains, poor landscaping, and even crazy neighbors can cause damage that is easily covered by insurance. Many homeowners wished they had gotten flood insurance after a storm hits. Don’t be a statistic.
  2. Move valuables to a safe location. Pictures, books, antiques, and treasured items should be stored on the second or third levels of a home for save keeping. I have a few items that I wouldn’t mind getting damaged so they leave my house and never come back, but the majority of the items that have sentimental and monetary value are stored either in rooms upstairs or in a sealed weather resistant cases in my attic. 
  3. Have a reliable restoration company in your contact list. When a storm hits, all of the restoration and mitigation companies in your area will be swamped with calls for help. Have the best restoration company ready to go. Save ServiceMaster of Buncombe County as a contact and beat the rush for services. Save (828) 252-5330 in your phone and they will be happy to help you restore your home or business.
Take a few minutes to be prepared for a crisis and you will lessen the stress and make the recovery time shorter. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is your locally owned, national brand. They are expertly trained and ready to help you go from Damage to Done!

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