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4 Steps to Prevent a Wintry Mess


The weather is turning cold and damp. Soon we will see ice on the ground and that means any weak pipes in your home can become a water damage mess of flooded floors and wet contents. Being prepared means knowing that ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is prepared to handle any bad weather. 
You may not know a pipe has weakened in a wall until you see a puddle on the floor that leads back to the leak. Do these preventative measures to protect your home before the weather becomes freezing.
  1. Turn off water lines tat have a spigot outside. Close the lines that go to the outside and drain the lines to make sure you don’t have a back-up of water that can expand when freezing and bust a pipe.
  2. Listen for “pinging” from your pipes. When water starts to freeze it pushes against the pipes from the inside. This causes copper pipes to “ping” and lets you know that there is water that has been left in the line. Drain what water you can and listen for where the pinging may be coming from to know where to check often.
  3. Wrap your water heater in insulation to keep the cold away. If your water heater is in a garage or in a basement that isn’t heated as well as the rest of the house, take precautions to limit the cold temperatures that can get to the water heater.
  4. Even the best precautions may not be enough to avoid a water loss. Have the phone number of ServiceMaster of Buncombe County in your phone. Call (828) 252-5330 when you need us to help you recover from a flooded home.

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