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5 Ways To Save Your Home From Water Damage

No matter how prepared you are, disasters happen. How you react to a disaster is how fast you will recover. There are specific things you can do when you find your home flooded to help limit the loss and help save your property. Using these five suggestions will save you money, time and help you keep the items you’ve spent a lifetime collecting.


  1. Limit the amount of water flooding your home. Find the leak and stop it if you can. We have talked about where the water cut off valves are in previous blog posts. A localized leak can be turned off under a sink or at the source. If you need to go to the water cut-off valve to your home, you can usually find it outside near the street. Read More Here
  2. Lift as much as you can above the waterline. If it is groundwater or a broken water heater, leaving your belongings in the water will allow the water to start to degrade it. It’s possible for books can be saved if you get them out of the water and press them tightly to push out the water. Wooden furniture will pull water in if left in it too long.
  3. Dry off your personal items as much as you can when get them out of the water. Don’t wait for them to air dry. Removing the water keeps it from seeping in further. Dry up the water and know that it is easier to wash all of your towels than to replace items. 
  4. Keep your family out of the flooded area. Water damage can be dangerous for people with compromised immune systems, children, and the elderly. Flooding can dilute harmful chemicals in floors and walls. walking through it can be harmful if it touches cuts in skin or skin that has health-related factors. Best bet is to limit stirring it up.
  5. Call ServiceMaster of Buncombe County. We have the best personnel, equipment, and the safe, green products to quickly remove the water, clean the affected area, pack out and restore your belongings, and rebuild the damaged areas to get you back into your home safely. 
Being prepared for a disaster is the best way to limit a loss. Call ServiceMaster of Buncombe County to help From Disaster to Done!

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