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Are You Living In A Flood Zone?

Don’t get stuck with a flooded house and no way to restore it. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County has the latest products and equipment and the expert technicians to remove the water, dry out your home, and rebuild the damaged areas. We have a few tips to ensure you are prepared in case of a flood.

  • Are you in a flood zone? Use the FEMA website to check your address and know if you are likely to be flooded by storm and ground water. 
  • Do you have flood insurance?  When is the last time you had a review of your coverage with your insurance agent? Knowing what coverage you have before you need it can save you thousands in case of a disaster. Take the time to speak with your agent.
  • What items do you need to move to higher ground? Look around your home and start putting items that would be devastating if you lost it to flooding. Books, pictures, and other easily damaged items should be stored on the second floor of your home. Bring them out when you want, but store them in a secure location. Black water, the most damaging, will not allow for restoration and belongings must be thrown out.
Taking a few moments to plan in case of a disaster is worth it. Sleep better knowing you have a plan and are ready. Disasters can happen. Being ready should happen too.
Call ServiceMaster of Buncombe County in case you have a flood, fire damage, or mold growth in your home – (828) 252-5330 or visit us at

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