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4 Benefits of Contents Pack Out After a Commercial Disaster  

contents pack out

The hours and days immediately following a commercial disaster are filled with decisions to make, things to do, and worries to manage.

One way you can remove some of the worries from your plate is with professional contents pack out services immediately following the disaster. Below are just a few great ways contents pack out services benefit your business after a disaster:

  1. Safe Removal and Cleaning of Business Property
  2. From essential business equipment to decorations on walls, the more items you can salvage from your business property, the faster you’ll be able to get back on your feet.

    Contents pack out services allow your property to be professionally cleaned, removing all signs of damage and salvaging items you might not have thought possible to save. While structural damages are being fixed and cleanup is underway, you can know that your business items are being cataloged, cleaned and cared for by certified experts.

  3. Allows Building Repairs to Progress More Quickly
  4. The fewer items repairs are having to be made around, the faster they can progress. Removing items you hope to salvage from the building allows work crews to work faster without obstructions.

  5. Provides Inventory Documentation for Insurance Companies
  6. Professional pack out services offer a complete inventory of items removed from your property, the costs involved in salvaging and/or repairing them, and covers in detail the items they were unable to recover. This aids in the record-keeping process and makes your insurance claims process run more smoothly.

  7. Helps Ease the Burden
  8. You have plenty to deal with, professionally and emotionally, as you work to recover and salvage your business after a disaster. This is one thing you can leave in someone else’s capable hands.

    When disaster strikes, the professionals at Service Master of Buncombe County are ready and able to help you with all your recovery, restoration, and contents pack out needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your cleaning needs.


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  • 4 Benefits of Contents Pack Out After a Commercial Disaster  
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    Kim Bowman and his team did a GREAT job with my water remediation. The team was very efficient, and the entire team was extremely professional. They were very attentive and answered questions succinctly. 

    They did such a good job taking care of the flooding of the unit that I had Kim and his team replace the hardwood flooring. Kim's team removed appliances, furniture, molding, and the floor. The team did an excellent job of installing the hardwood floor, and the craftsmanship was perfect. They put all the appliances back, and placed back the furniture. Kim's tea even made the place clean as a whistle. I highly recommend Kim Bowman.

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