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Don't Make Damages Worse!

Don't Make Damage Worse!

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ServiceMaster of Buncombe County  

Fire, Flood, and Mold Restoration Specialists

When you have damage to your home or business due to a fire, water damage from a leak, mold damage, or smoke and odor contamination call a team that works for you to clean and restore it all.

Fire Damage can be devastating and trying to clean up the mess can cause a bigger mess. How it gets cleaned up depends on the type of fire and the materials that burned or got smoke damage. Protein (food) fires burn differently than wood or paper. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County has the training to know what to do to clean your home correctly and with less impact on you and your family. We can contain the area, remove the damaged items, restore what is possible, and rebuild your home. 

Flood Damage can be small and still cause a lot of damage. A leak from a sink or toilet can destroy the wood flooring and the plywood base. If it isn't restored correctly, you can end up with extra damage and a moldy mess. Do not try a DIY project that should be covered by your homeowners insurance. We work directly with your insurance carrier to contain the damage, repair the leak, and restore your home. We are here to help!

Work with the Restoration Experts - ServiceMaster of Buncombe County

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    ServiceMaster is one of the best mots honest businesses in town. After my Dad experienced a groundwater flood in the bottom level of his house from the above-average rainfall in 2018, we gave Chad and his team a call. They were booked to the gills with clients who were experiencing similar issues, but they made time to come out and look, help us confirm the issue, and get us set up with dehumidifiers and air movers to dry things up. They were honest about their prices and flexible about payment, super responsive and just good down-to-earth WNC kind of people. Thanks so much ServiceMaster team!

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