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5 Electrical Safety Tips to Keep in Mind After a Flood


The weather across the country has been so sporadic lately, from landslides to wildfires to flash flooding. Unfortunately, along with natural disasters comes the cleanup process afterward. When you experience a flood in your home, you have to consider your electrical because the water puts you at risk of a serious electrocution.

1. Don’t Touch Any Electrical Devices Where There’s Water

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you walk into a room where there’s water damage, you don’t want to plug in or unplug devices near that area. Make sure to keep away from any chords or outlets that may have been exposed to water.

2. Don’t Turn off Your Circuit Breaker if It’s Near Water

Avoid turning off your circuit breaker if it’s located in a room with water. You’re putting yourself at a great risk if you do.

3. Hire a Professional Cleaning and Restoration Company

After a flood, cleanup can be extensive, especially if you want to keep safe and prevent against mold. It’s best to hire professionals to keep you, your family, and your home safe. One wrong move when working with electricity in a flooded area could result in a serious injury from electrocution.

Not to mention, if you don’t clean the mess thoroughly, the moisture remains in the area and makes for an excellent breeding ground for various types of mold. It’s also possible to ruin your belongings if you don’t clean up properly, and it’s possible for it to damage the structure in some cases.

Contact ServiceMaster of Buncombe County if you have recently experienced flooding or have questions about our cleanup and restoration services.

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