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Fire Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know  

fire safety

A house fire can be one of the most devastating and destructive events for your home and family. When it comes to fires in your home, preparation and prevention can go a very long way.

Smoke Detectors

Every family should have multiple smoke detectors installed on each level of the home. Especially near bedrooms so that your family will be able to hear them if a fire occurs while everyone is sleeping.

Check the batteries monthly and change them every six months to ensure your smoke detector works when you need it most.

Fire Extinguishers

Install an ABC rated fire extinguisher on each level of your home for fast access to put out small fires. You want an ABC rating on your fire extinguisher as this type is most suitable to extinguish all fire types.

Service Heating Equipment Annually

This includes all fireplaces, chimneys, furnaces, woodstoves, etc. This not only helps to ensure they are being properly cleaned and maintained, but can serve as a first-alert system for potential problems.

As a bonus, annual servicing of your furnace by an HVAC technician can help to extend the life and effectiveness of your furnace – saving you money in the long run.
Have a Plan

Despite all the careful planning in the world, fires happen. That is why it is critical to have a safety plan for your family that includes escape routes (make sure you have accessible escape ladders on upper floors) and rendezvous points where the family should meet after leaving the home.

Preventing disasters, like fires in your home, is critical, but when the worst happens, you want to pick up the pieces as quickly as possible. If you and your family have been the victims of a home fire, contact Service Master of Buncombe County today.

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