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Home Inventory: Documenting Before Disaster  


If you’ve ever experienced a home fire or flood, you know that one of the first things your insurance agent will ask is what was damaged. Without a detailed list of your possessions, this can be a difficult question to answer. In the stress of the situation, it’s very easy to forget things that were in your home. That’s why it’s so important to make a home inventory before disaster strikes. Hopefully, you’ll never need the inventory, but if you should have your home partially or fully destroyed by a natural disaster, fire, flood or other event, this document can be invaluable.

How to document your possessions

A good home inventory lists all your major possessions, their value and when they were purchased. It’s also a good idea to take photographs of your rooms or make a room by room video. Keep receipts with your inventory documents if you have them. These receipts can be invaluable in helping to prove an item’s worth to your insurance company or the IRS (in the event you don’t have insurance). Make sure to store your inventory documents off-site or in a fire-proof box or safe.

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