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How to Get Rid of Lingering Smoke Odors After a Fire 


A home fire is devastating. Even a small fire produces lingering smoke odor that may trigger allergic reactions and make your home smell bad. You must take action as soon as possible after a fire to prevent long-term damage and improve overall indoor air quality.

A few steps you can take while waiting for help

  • When your home is safe to reenter after a fire, air out your home by opening all doors and windows. Also, position a fan in the doorway, blowing toward the interior. This draws in fresh outdoor air, forcing out the foul, sooty air left by the blaze.
  • Vacuum carpets, drapes and upholstery that can trap in smoke odors, dirt, dust and ash.

Although these processes will help, smoke odor cleaning is not a DIY project. When it comes to removing lingering smoke odors from your home, it is important to contact a licensed professional as soon as possible.

Even with thorough cleaning, to really remove all traces of smoke odor requires the help of an expert. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County for more information about fire recovery and restoration services, or to schedule an appointment for smoke odor removal and fire cleanup today.

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