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Kitchen Fire Clean-Up Requires Know-How

Fire in the kitchen can be good if it is under control. Fire that burns food and appliances is more than damaging. It can cause clean up to be a bigger mess if you don’t have the right products and training. Protein fires, dry soot and wet soot create different ways to clean up the mess. Without the proper training and products, you’ll end up with a bigger mess than you thought possible. Start by calling ServiceMaster of Buncombe County.
Protein fires create smoke and soot that can permeate walls, ceiling and wood surfaces. The smoke smell is the biggest problem. You need to use products that pull the smell out or even ozone machine to completely remove the smell. Ozone is dangerous to people and should only be used by trained staff. 
Dry Soot is from a high temperature fire. It burns hot and is easier to clean, but you need to know how to clean different types of paint on walls. Flat paints versus glossy paints require different cleaning techniques. Hire a trained disaster restoration company, ServiceMaster of Buncombe County, to clean it correctly or you’ll push the soot into the paint.
Wet soot comes from a lower temperature and is harder to remove. It smears when you wipe it and requires the correct use of products to remove the soot and the smell. Do not try to clean it up yourself.
ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is trained and ready to help clean up any damage. Call us at (828) 252-5330 or use our Contact Form 

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