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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Home Cleaning Company  


Sometimes, accidents and disasters happen, leaving your home in serious need of professional cleaning and restoration. So how should you go about hiring a professional and qualified home cleaning company? Here are some of the most important questions you should ask before you decide to hire someone for the job:

Will they work directly with your insurance company?

If your home has experienced significant damage, you will need to file an insurance claim for your losses. However, taking inventory of your damaged possessions can be difficult, stressful, and sometimes even overwhelming in the wake of a disaster. Before you hire a cleaning and restoration company, make sure that they will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that your damaged possessions are all accounted for and that you understand what things will and will not be covered.

What kind of equipment and cleaning supplies will they be using?

Most professional cleaning services will have a variety of equipment that they use to clean and repair your home, and you will want to make sure you hire a company that has the tools necessary to do the job and that you understand all of the processes they will be using. Cleaning companies will typically bring their own cleaning supplies, however, they should give you the option to decide if there is a different product you would rather them use.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Hiring a brand-new home cleaning company may not be the best idea. Instead, search for a company with a long history and an established reputation. When choosing a home cleaning company be sure to inquire about their experience in the industry.

Finding a great home cleaning company doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially if you ask the right questions. Trust in the experts at Service Master of Buncombe County. To learn more about our cleaning and restoration services, contact us today.

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