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How Do I Repair A Leak In My Home?

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A leak can come from a lot of different places in your home. Remember that pipes carrying water to bathrooms, kitchen, etc. run within the walls all around your house. It can be tough to find exactly where a leak started.

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is trained to find a leak, what areas were affected by the water and help clean up the mess. A plumber will be needed for pipe repair, but the cleanup from a flood should be handled by experts. Mold, toxins, and more leach out of wall boards, ceilings and floors. Ask the experts to come and remove the water, remove the damages, and rebuild your home.

A flood in your home is a serious matter. If it is not fixed well, you could be removing yourself from your home for a lot longer. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County, Asheville area and WNC is trained and ready when you need us.

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