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3 Steps to Take After a Commercial Fire

commercial fire

It’s hard to know what to do after your business property suffers fire damage. Every day counts as you try to fill out lengthy paperwork, assess the damage, and figure out how long it will take before you can get back in business. Here are the some of the most important steps to take right after a fire damages your business property to make sure that your business gets up and running again as quickly as possible:

  • Do anything you can to prevent protect what is left: Whether it’s tarping your property, shutting off water mains, or putting up emergency fencing, it’s up to you to prevent further damage to the property after the fire. If you neglect to do this, your insurance policy might not pay for the additional damages. Call a professional loss consultant who can explain to you what steps you need to take under your current insurance policy plan.
  • Talk to people: After suffering such a devastating loss, your first response might be to take a break for a few days and process everything at home. This is one of those times where you are going to have to go against your instinct and talk to lots of people. You will want to start by gathering documentation. Get a fire report from the fire marshal’s office. Seek a copy of current building codes from building department inspectors, and ask engineers or architects to write out the extent of the building’s damage. Or if you feel you can handle it on your own, hire a reputable licensed public adjuster who will help you with gathering all the information you need, along with helping you process your insurance claim.
  • Contact your insurance company ASAP: Amidst everything else going on, it is absolutely imperative that you don’t neglect to call your insurance company to report the damages as quickly as possible. If you take too long to contact your insurance agent, it could cost you big in the long run. You don’t need to sign any paperwork or give estimates early on, just let the insurance company know that a damage has occurred.

What Next?

Here at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County, we respond quickly to restore and clean up your property after fire damage. Contact us today to have us answer any questions you might have or schedule an assessment.

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