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4 Steps You Should Take After Flooding in Your Home


A flood in your home can not only be devastating for the loss of items in your home but also can cause major devastation to your home itself. If not properly taken care of flood damage can cause health and home concerns for years to come. To help restore the health of your home, follow the steps below after a flooding in your home.

Take photos of the damage – Wearing water protective clothing, move throughout and around your home and take photographs of the damage that you will be able to supply your homeowners insurance with.

Next contact your insurance company to file a claim – Contact your insurance representative, send them the photos of the damage and open up a claim. Depending on your insurance company they may send their adjuster to make an estimate or may ask you to get estimates from local repair companies.

Remove the water from your home – You can clear the water from your home using a sump pump and wet vac for the corners and hard to reach areas. Clear this procedure with your insurance first to ensure that they will allow you to add the rental fees to your claim. Your other option is to hire a water removal specialist to complete the job.

Remediate the mold in your home – To ensure that you don’t suffer any health effects from your flood, one of the most important steps is mold remediation. Preventing a mold situation in your home is not only essential to the health of your home but its value as well. To make sure your home has been properly cleaned from the mold, it is best to hire a disaster recovery company that specializes in mold removal services. Remember the quicker this is done, the better chance you have of possibly salvaging sentimental items in your home, so try to contact the company immediately after the damage has occurred.

Follow the steps above after a flood in your home to make sure your home is healthy to return to. If you are looking for a disaster relief or mold remediation specialist, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County today to schedule your appointment.

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