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Tips for Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

water damage

Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons. Your home could experience a burst pipe, or your water heater could catastrophically fail. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your home from water, mold and mildew and restore your property to normal after experiencing a flood.

Residential Home Water Damage Protection Tips

  • Regularly Clean Out Your Gutters
  • Have Your Roof Regularly Inspected for Wear, Tear and Leaks
  • Have Your Plumbing Pipes Regularly Inspected for Corrosion
  • Clean Up Water Spills and Puddles Immediately
  • Operate Washers and Dishwashers According to the Manufacturer’s Guidelines
  • Call a Professional for Large Water Spills, like Burst Pipes, Floods and Broken Water Heaters

Pay Attention to How Your Home Smells and Looks

Water and mold damage often causes musty or wet smells. If you notice odd smells in your home and suspect water damage, it is always best to call a professional water remediation company, like ServiceMaster of Buncombe County. Our experienced water and mold remediation crews can inspect the damage, explain the findings to you and develop a comprehensive water and mold remediation plan.

Don’t Try to Handle Floods on Your Own

If you notice a flood from a burst pipe, broken dishwasher or washer or sudden roof leak, do not try to clean up the flood on your own. Instead, mop up the water you see, if it is not gray or black water, and place buckets under roof leaks. Call the appropriate contractor to fix the broken appliance, pipe or roof leak. Next, call ServiceMaster in Buncombe County for professional water cleanup and disaster restoration. These timely services can help save your carpets and floors and remove any developing mold and mildew.

To learn more about our disaster restoration and mold removal services, contact us today!

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