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Top 5 Things To Have Ready In Case Of A Flood

Water damage can either be a small leak or a flood. Being prepared with these top 5 tips!
  1. Under a sink is a valve that cuts water off to the sink. If there is a leak under your sink, that is the valve to turn off. 
  2. Another valve is at your water heater. There can be several valves near your water heater. Before you need to turn them off randomly, turn one off at a time and label each valve. 
  3. The third valve is the water cut-off valve for the entire house. The valve is usually at the road at a corner of your property. Many times, the valve requires a wrench to turn it off. On a side note, carefully open the lid for the water cut-off valve since animals like cool wet places. 
  4. Have old towels somewhere in your home to sop up water that spilled. Keeping the water from travelling across the floor and getting wicked up walls will limit damage.
  5. Have the number for ServiceMaster of Buncombe County handy. Post (828) 252-5330 on your water heater, on your refrigerator, and in your cellphone. 
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