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Snow and ice can be beautiful to look at, but it can be a disaster waiting to hit your home. Water damage from pipes bursting or ice that expands small cracks can lead to big disasters. Weather hazards are one of the top reasons for disasters in a home or business. Be prepared for the storms that are starting to pass through the area.

Water Lines

It makes sense to stay on top of the weather reports this time of year. We are in the South. The weather changes rapidly and what was a nice, sunny day can turn into a cold, dangerous day quickly. What’s the joke? “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour and it will change”. Protect your home from the weather with a few simple actions.

  1. Allow water to drip in sinks. Even a slow dripping will keep the pipes from bursting. The pipes can be cold, but water moving through them will keep things from becoming an expensive mitigation and restoration job.
  2. Drain outside faucets. Turn the water off to those faucets at the water heater (usually) and let the water in the pipes drain. It’s a simple action that can give you costly savings.
  3. Cover outside faucets. A simple styrofoam cover can protect the pipes that run along outside walls by insulating the spigot from the wind and the cold directly.
  4. Listen to your pipes. Does that sound odd? Your home is “talking” to you with creaks and groans. Pipes will make a”ping” sound when they are freezing. When water freezes, it pushes outward and the pipes will make noise. Listen and make sure all your faucets are dripping slowly.

Don’t expect the weather to stay outside. Mother Nature loves to be invited in for a spell and she spells trouble. Do what you need to in order to save yourself costly expenses and valuable time. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is here to help if, even after taking precautions, you still end up with water draining into your home. We have the best trained technicians who are ready to help.

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