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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Business is Emergency Prepared

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Emergencies can happen any time. Your business could flood, a nearby tree could fall on top of the building, or a fire could break out. While it’s scary to think about it, you need to be ready for anything because, in the event of an emergency or a disaster, you’ll want to be as clear-headed and prepared as possible.

1. Have a Plan for All Possible Emergencies

Determine what possible emergencies your business could experience. Plan for each one individually and consider in advance the cleanup afterward.

2. Have a List of Emergency Contact Numbers

If your business should happen to have an emergency and you’re not accessible, you want your employees to have all the information they need to respond accordingly easily available. Create a list of people and businesses to contact in the event of an emergency. Make sure the list is easily accessible to all employees.

3. Keep All Your Paperwork in Order

Keep all your paperwork for your company in one place, so if anything should happen, you’re able to access it quickly and easily. This includes receipts because you may be asked for them after an emergency. We recommend a fire and flood proof safe for all important documents.

4. Contact Your Insurance Agent Immediately

Immediately after an emergency, you should contact your insurance representative. You will want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

5. Take Inventory

Make sure you trust in the experts at ServiceMaster of Buncombe to take inventory of your business possessions immediately after an emergency, so you know exactly what you’re able to claim.

Keep ServiceMaster of Buncombe County in mind in case of a disaster, so you can be sure your business is taken care of in the event of an emergency. Contact us today to schedule service or if you any other questions about emergency preparedness for your business.

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