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Weather Preparedness

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County

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Weather Preparedness

Bad weather is always a threat and knowing what to do before an event happens is critical to recovering quickly. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is a local neighbor in the Asheville Area and has trained for any type of weather event that can happen. 

Get To Safety First

You and your family's safety is the first step in dealing with a bad weather event. Have a list of items that you want to protect from bad weather and be prepared to move quickly. Place items that you do not want damaged in a safe, high ground place and then get to a safe location with your family. Belongings can be replaced. You cannot replace a life. In the event you don't have time to grab your most precious items, ServiceMaster of Buncombe County can restore some items. Before you try to restore books, pictures, and larger items, call us to help.

Rain and Groundwater Flooding

Floods are damaging for multiple reasons. Flood water can contaminate a home with diluted dangers in the water. It is best not to walk in water that has had time to pull chemicals and pollutants from walls, carpets, and belongings. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County uses Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect our team and remove the water. PPE also works to protect our team when we remove damaged items. Call us first. 

Preparedness starts before an event happens. Start today. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has a list to help you get started at

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is here to help. Call (828) 252-5330

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    Professional; they know what to do, they say what they're going to do, then they do it at the price they quoted. I needed to get my repairs done quickly so I could put my house up for sale; they went the extra mile to get the work done as soon as possible and they did it well. Would recommend them to anyone.

    Jerome Jones | View All Customer Reviews

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