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Where to Look for Mold and Mildew in Your Laundry Room


Moisture in a laundry room is every homeowner’s nightmare. Moisture can not only show up and cause all sorts of damage to walls, floors, and ceilings it can also cause mildew and mold. Mold can start growing in a matter of just a few hours in a wall or another hard to see or reach area and not be detectable for weeks. With help from the professionals at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County, you can know just where to look for hidden mold and stop it long before it becomes a severe issue.

Places to Look for Moisture in Your Laundry Room:

  • Moisture can sometimes collect in the dryer vent hose. If the moisture begins to pool in the vent it will cause an odor and eventually lead to mold.
  • Keep an eye on the water hoses of your washer. Condensation can build up and cause mold to form around the connections. If the water drips to the floor, it is possible to have mold at the base of the washing machine.
  • If your laundry room has a washout sink, pay attention to the drain under the counter. Sometimes the pipes can develop a leak which can lead to mold.
  • Mold can also be found in the dryer if wet clothing has been left there for any length of time.

Mold can grow in any place where moisture can be found. Hot humid days and poorly ventilated spaces like laundry rooms and bathrooms are typically most susceptible to mold and mildew growth. If you do find areas with mold present in your laundry room or other places in your home, contact the experts at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County right away. Our highly trained and certified mold experts can help!

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