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Disaster Restoration in WNC


ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is a full-service restoration company that can mitigate a fire, water, mold, or other disaster and restore your home or business. Their trained technicians have years of experience to work with both you and your insurance company to help you go From Disaster to Done! Call (828) 252-5330.

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County has been helping neighbors in WNC restore their homes after a fire, flood, or other disaster for more than two decades. We are always careful with your belongings and happy to help restore your home and property. Our Google reviews show overwhelmingly that we care for our customers and treat you like family. We understand the devastation coming home to a flooded house or fire causing damage. We can remove the damages and rebuild your home. We work with both you and your insurance company to ensure the work done is covered. Call us to help. (828) 252-5330

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    In our situation at Harmony Grove Baptist in Canton, when our insurance company was first called, Chad Franklin came soon after they were notified. He was very cordial and told us upfront what he felt that we would have to get to work on right away. The next day the big fans were brought and dehumidifiers were started. After that everyone that we met that came to help us were very caring. They showed their concern as if they were going through the terrible trauma we were. Each person that came to help was very trustworthy and I, myself, felt as if I had found a new friend for life. What a great crew of people working to help us feel better and get the job done. We would like to welcome each member of ServiceMaster to our church anytime. Thank you so much for the service to us. Friends for life. 

    Peggy King, member of the Harmony Grove Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina.

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    Disaster Restoration in WNC


    How To Clean Up After A House Fire

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