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We are happy to help people in WNC when a disaster happens. Fires, floods, and mold damage can happen anywhere in any home. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is always ready and has the best team to help restore your home. Read the reviews from our customers and see!

Let us know how we did once we restore your home or business. Feedback is a gift that we take seriously. Let us know if we did well, which member of our team stands out and which teammate can we thank for helping you, our customer. We are thankful to be able to help you in your time of need and look forward to hearing from you.

Great staff, friendly and efficient!

Althea Gonaler

10 out of 10

Amy Tomion

Very professional, on time and a great job.

Ann Boykin

The team! Professional, kind, and knowledgeable- the owner himself came by and connected with us. The work was quick and done very well.

Anna White

ServiceMaster made an emergency situation as comfortable as it could be. They were timely, courteous, communicative, and did excellent work. They offered helpful solutions and kept things as clean as possible. I would definitely recommend them.

Brenda Haines

ServiceMaster and specifically Chad of ServiceMaster is truly incredible. I haven’t had to think about ANYTHING during my major remodeling due to severe water damage caused to a rental property. They have handled everything, been SO responsive by phone and text and so kind.They ahve a great team and I am so grateful.I would suggest ServiceMaster to anyone needing any job done and done right!

Brivtonia LLC

Your staff & managers are very nice & very efficient this makes the unexpected problem that the customer is having to deal with much easier to deal with!

Carol Manning

10 out of 10

Carolyn Henze

10 out of 10

Carolyn Morgan

Everyone with ServiceMaster of Buncombe County was wonderful to work with – they were prompt, answered all of my questions, and helped guide us when we had to make decisions about the repairs we needed. They were so professional as well as being friendly and courteous. Chad did a great job managing our project as well as responding to me quickly when I needed to ask him a question or talk over issues with him. Our kitchen had to be gutted due to a leaking washing machine. The repairs they completed look great and I’m so happy with the results. I would highly recommend ServiceMaster of Buncombe County.

Carrie Turner

Very Prompt and professional. Excellent Service.

Charme Carr

10 out of 10 

Your knowledge, attention to detail, the friendliness and sincere concern of your employees.

Cindy Madlock

The team from ServiceMaster was professional, thorough and personable. What’s more , they prioritized our issues as if it were their own home at risk. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Dan Fertel

Every member of the staff was courteous, professional and informative.

Debra Delia

I believe they have done a very professional job in a very professional manner. I have not met anyone involved that was not kind and helpful. I know they have had to work through being shorthanded as well as most businesses these days but their efforts have always been to provide the best service they could in the best time frame. I especially appreciate Kim and his patience and concern with our satisfaction of the work done. Thank you ServiceMaster.

Debra Reiling

All have done a very good job cleaning smoke off walls and repainting.

Dena Wilson

Very professional. Were here when scheduled. Clean when finished with repair. I was pleased overall.

Elizabeth Laisey

The ServiceMaster Contractors were always on time, called in advance, and were very polite and professional. I am generally satisfied with the work they did.

Good company, especially Kim Burroughs.

Ellen Cooper

Very professional from start to finish; quality work.

Eva Krauss

Excellent project management and service! The work was completed in a timely manner and with workmanship was excellent!

George Roland

They were extremely prompt when I had a large water leak. Dehumidification was very thorough. The quality of the repair work (drywall, trim and paint) was excellent.

Jack Langdon

When Mr. Kim came to our house he looked around and immediately and professionally told us what we needed to do and what would happen. ServiceMaster talked with our insurance co. and they found us a nice little house on Fairview on the mountain it was a very nice vacation rental.

They had a lot to do new cabinets in the kitchen, kitchen flood, dining room floor, laundry room floor, guest room floor. They are beautiful now we are pleased with the work. The men and women that came to help us they were so kind and the workers always helped to calm us and let us know we were in good hands with ServiceMaster, they told us it all would be made right.

At this time my husband needed knee surgery and we had so much stress and all the workers helped to let us know everything would work out just right. We have been telling our friends about how great ServiceMaster company is. They are our pick to help us from now on in emergency situations.

Jackie Diering

The promptness, professionalism and genuinely nice people.

James Miles

They paid great attention to our needs and was very organized and timely. Thank you for helping [get] our home back together!

James Miller

Chad and the SM team were terrific. Chad had to track down the source of a well hidden leak and, like a good doctor, he worked through five possibilities, eliminating them one by one until determining the true cause. Once identified, the mitigation was smooth and effective. We were very happy with the service and results.

James Weil

Everyone I dealt with was very nice and professional. The work was finished in a timely manner. Very pleased with the finished project.

Janice Welch

Professional; they know what to do, they say what they’re going to do, then they do it at the price they quoted. I needed to get my repairs done quickly so I could put my house up for sale; they went the extra mile to get the work done as soon as possible and they did it well. Would recommend them to anyone.

Jerome Jones

They came to do the estimate when they were called very polite and helpful deciding what to do and selecting new materials for the repairs.

Jerry Wallin

ServiceMaster is one of the best mots honest businesses in town. After my Dad experienced a groundwater flood in the bottom level of his house from the above-average rainfall in 2018, we gave Chad and his team a call. They were booked to the gills with clients who were experiencing similar issues, but they made time to come out and look, help us confirm the issue, and get us set up with dehumidifiers and air movers to dry things up. They were honest about their prices and flexible about payment, super responsive and just good down-to-earth WNC kind of people. Thanks so much ServiceMaster team!

Jessica McLean

Easy to work with and very responsive. Sean did a fantastic job. I think he will be back to finish the ceiling. Highly recommend this company.

John Nagle

Employees are very professional and worked hard to meet the schedule I required. Very satisfactory experience.

Joy Crook

Prompt. On time. Very neat. Easy to work with.

Karen Depew

A company does their work completely and promptly. Excellent. Thank you

Kathy Rosenberg

All the staff working at our home were friendly and efficient. They helped make a terrible situation bearable. They all contributed to getting the job done and getting our home ready for renovation.

Kelly Pierce

I really appreciate the fact that they came to my rescue on a holiday weekend. I spoke with Kim Bowman and within 2 hours his his crew was on-site. I thought that was remarkable to have that quick of a response time!

Kelly Satterfield

Throughout the entire restoration process from a fire, ServiceMaster and every single person sent to assist has been knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, & highly competent at their piece of the puzzle of restoring not only our home, personal belongings, but our peace of mind. C.F. immediately assumed the role of headmaster & orchestrated the work in a timely manner while keeping us informed every step of the way. ServiceMaster is even respectful of our dog.

Kim Ray

Professional, courteous, thorough, quick response. I have known the franchise for over 40 years. Great people.

Larry Roland

Kim Bowman and his ServiceMaster of Buncombe County crew were excellent in every way in responding to the water damage  in our home. Their early and quick mitigation response prevented further damage and made repairs easier. The ServiceMaster personnel and the outside personnel whom Kim employed to do various parts of the repair work were careful, competent, and thorough in what they did. They were all extremely pleasant to have working in our home, and we felt that they treated it as they would their homes to be treated. The quality of work they did was superb, and we are very pleased with the result. We would recommend ServiceMaster of Buncombe County with full confidence and no hesitation.

Lawrence McCleskey

There was a water leak in my upstairs bathroom while I was away on a Saturday night. When I got home, water saturated the upstairs carpets and leaked through the kitchen ceiling lights onto the wooden kitchen floors on the first floor. I called a plumber who did not return my call and tried to soak up as much water as I could. The next morning – a Sunday – I called ServiceMaster. They came out immediately and set up equipment to dry out the carpets and wood flooring. They were very reassuring that they could take care of the repairs, and they carefully explained what would happen throughout the process. Some of the wood flooring needed to be replaced, and the whole downstairs floor needed to be sanded and refinished. This involved moving my furniture out so the floors could be redone. ServiceMaster took care of everything, including boxes and moving furniture to and from my garage. Although the process seemed overwhelming in the beginning, the team from ServiceMaster immediately took charge and did an excellent job restoring all of the damage from the leak. I am so grateful to them for their professionalism and support.

Linda Robinson

Kim Bowman and his team did a GREAT job with my water remediation. The team was very efficient, and the entire team was extremely professional. They were very attentive and answered questions succinctly. 

They did such a good job taking care of the flooding of the unit that I had Kim and his team replace the hardwood flooring. Kim’s team removed appliances, furniture, molding, and the floor. The team did an excellent job of installing the hardwood floor, and the craftsmanship was perfect. They put all the appliances back, and placed back the furniture. Kim’s tea even made the place clean as a whistle. I highly recommend Kim Bowman.

Mark Haberle

5 Stars
ServiceMaster and specifically Chad of ServiceMaster is truly incredible. I haven’t had to think about ANYTHING during my major remodeling due to a severe water damage caused to a rental property. They have handled everything, been SO responsive by phone and text and so kind. They have a great team and I am so grateful. I would suggest ServiceMaster to anyone needing any job to be done and done right!

Martia Rachman

Timely, professional and good quality work.

Mary Jane Keever

I’ve had a great experience with ServiceMaster so far. Everyone I have worked with from your team has been friendly, courteous, professional and helpful. I’ve been able to schedule work with you very quickly and yet you have been very flexible and accommodating to changes and delays (on my end) as they have come up. Thanks for the great service you provide!

Megan Goff

Exemplary customer service.

Michael Corvini

Kim was very professional and prompt plus very very helpful and the work was excellent. Thanks again

Michael Jones

Very efficient and neatly done business. Will recommend in future

Mike Troutman

10 out of 10.

Myrdith Gaddy

Every person with all the teams were professional, polite, accommodating & Christian…I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you everyone!!!!!!

I appreciate each and every one!

Nancy Rhodomer

I called and spoke with Kim Bowman (at the time I was panicking due to a water leak in our crawl space). He was at our house within 30 minutes and assessed our needs. The next day they arrived first thing that morning and got all of the wet/damaged items out of the crawl space and installed equipment.

It was one of the smoothest processes we have ever encountered. I would recommend ServiceMaster of Buncombe County to anyone who needs this service.

Nioma Lawson

Personalized service and specific caring responses. Understanding the customer’s personal trauma and emotional needs during a property loss/damage. Extremely professional. Prompt response, both in person and by phone. Itemized, detailed proposal/bid. High quality, dependable restoration work with outstanding results. Follow up with customer.

Pam Wilson

5 Stars
They’re professional, prompt and caring response and service was exceptional. Every member of their team responded to the urgency of the need for restoration and met that need with excellence. We were totally pleased with the results. We were truly comforted with the care provided not only for our belongings, but also for us.

Pamela Wilson

We received very professional and personal service. Completely satisfied and grateful for their help. Would recommend them to everyone.

Pastor Todd Royal – Fairview Baptist Church

We received very prompt, courteous and professional service. Very happy with the whole experience.

Pat Carnahan

In our situation at Harmony Grove Baptist in Canton, when our insurance company was first called, Chad Franklin came soon after they were notified. He was very cordial and told us upfront what he felt that we would have to get to work on right away. The next day the big fans were brought and dehumidifiers were started. After that everyone that we met that came to help us were very caring. They showed their concern as if they were going through the terrible trauma we were. Each person that came to help was very trustworthy and I, myself, felt as if I had found a new friend for life. What a great crew of people working to help us feel better and get the job done. We would like to welcome each member of ServiceMaster to our church anytime. Thank you so much for the service to us. Friends for life. 

Peggy King, member of the Harmony Grove Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina.

Peggy King

Chad Franklin was very easy to deal with. I appreciated his management of our project.

Richard Schaffer

Chad and Kim provided great customer service. They genuinely care about their customers and doing a quality job. When accidents happened, they did their best to remedy the situation. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Sara Manuel

The Cleanup crew were very nice and they did a great job.

Sudie Johnston

It is rare to see each member of a crew simultaneously perform their work in such a timely and careful manner, I was so pleased with the care that was taken with my condo and would definitely recommend Kim and his crew to other residents of the neighborhood. 

Than you for a job well done!

Susan Jackson

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County provides consistently reliable remediation services. We have worked together to provide restoration needs for years and they are always responsive and great to work with. The services they provide to their clients is outstanding.

Suzanne Hinson

Everyone we dealt with, Chad, Chad, Chad, Mel and David were very professional. They did an excellent job as did your sub-contractors.

Terry Sasdelli

Came quickly to take care of wet areas to avoid mold.

Toby Arbeiter

Directed me to solutions and provided me with quick service to those solutions.

Tom Haggard


Words cannot express our appreciation for you and what you have done for us! You have gone above and beyond expectations and what you might normally do. We have grown to love you and consider you a dear friend.

Merry Christmas

Vernice and Vernon

Prompt. Knows what they are doing.

Virginia Nobles

When I called, they were at my home to start the water damage drying process in less than 30 minutes.

Wayne Smith

I give ServiceMaster of Buncombe County a 10. They provided excellent service, the staff was very professional and considerate of the homeowner. Kim was great at coordinating the services needed.

Wendy Maddox

Thorough, clean, very helpful and knowledgeable about the job and worker was very polite.

Wilma Proctor

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10 out of 10

Amy Tomion

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