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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets clean and well maintained can help extend their lifespan and keep them looking beautiful for many years. Having a routine maintenance and cleaning for your carpets twice a year with professional vacuuming and spot cleaning can extend the life of your carpets and offer many other benefits.

Why Deep Cleaning?

Because carpets and rugs experience heavy foot traffic on a daily basis, they are magnets for stains, bacteria and odors. The heavier the foot traffic, the more likely it is that these things will become more deeply embedded in the fibers of the carpet. Even vacuuming regularly doesn’t pick everything up, no matter how diligent you are. In fact, sometimes, vacuuming can actually push dirt, dust and allergens deeper down.

If you have children or pets in your home, you understand that the ones who are precious to you often sit, play and roll around on your carpets and rugs. Having your high-traffic carpets and rugs deep cleaned helps get rid of any mold, bacteria, dust and allergens that could cause harm to you or your family.

The professionals at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County have the tools and experience to loosen embedded debris and dirt, remove stubborn stains and thoroughly clean your rugs and carpets to keep them looking fresh and clean for years to come.

Our Process

Our carpet and rug cleaning is deep and thorough and will help you keep your carpets and rugs looking fresh and new, remove unpleasant odors from the air and make your floors a safer place to play. Our process includes:

  • An initial visual inspection of the areas to determine the best possible method of cleaning for your specific needs
  • Pre-treating spots and stains
  • Applying cleaning products to loosen ground-in dirt and dust. These types of products are designed to bring debris that is buried deep to the surface for easier removal
  • Rinsing areas with pure, hot water to remove the cleaners as well as any remaining contaminants

At ServiceMaster of Buncombe County, our ultimate goal is to make sure that your carpets are not only clean and beautiful, but also safe for you and your family. Contact us today to see how we can help you extend the life and beauty of your carpets and rugs with our deep cleaning services.

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