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Mold Removal

Removing Mold With Hepa Vac

Mold removal is an important part of maintaining your home to safely live in. Mold frequently hides inside air ducts, walls and cabinets, under floors and carpets, and in other dark corners. It has the capacity to spread from one small space to infecting your entire home or business in less than 48 hours. It can be extremely dangerous and is often difficult to get rid of. Mold can be tricky since it can very easily contaminate your entire property because it spreads so easily. It can be spread through every room through your air vents or even on the soles of you shoes.

Kitchens and bathrooms are especially susceptible to mold because they are high humidity areas.

The longer mold remains in your home or business, the more the problem will continue to grow. Mold is, of course, unsightly and produces an unpleasant odor, but the real problem is that it’s hazardous and presents a very real health issue, especially to children, pets, the sick and the elderly. It can cause sneezing, runny nose, coughing, nasal and sinus congestion, respiratory irritations and can trigger asthma attacks. Mold can also destroy the retail value of your home or business.

Mold Removal is the Answer

Mold testing and removal requires specialized training and equipment. At ServiceMaster of Buncombe County, our professional technicians are certified and expertly trained to:

  • Identify the source of mold
  • Assess mold damage
  • Contain mold and keep it from spreading further
  • Filter the air to eliminate mold spores
  • Remove mold and any items that may have been contaminated
  • Sanitize the air and your belongings

We believe that mold removal is about restoring your home or business and protecting the health and safety of you and your family or employees. If you suspect your home or business may have a mold problem, contact the experts at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County today!

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