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3 Reasons DIY Mold Cleanup May Do More Harm Than Good

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There is a tendency to ask Google how to handle every problem today. You can crowd source tips on everything from home birthing to building a car that runs on used cooking oil. So, you may be thinking that, with a little research, you can tackle the mold growing in your Buncombe, NC home. However, it can be extremely risky to try to deal with mold on your own.

Check out these three risks associated with DIY mold removal.

  1. Without the proper equipment to prevent outside air from flowing back into your home, you could be cleaning up visible damage without eliminating the source of the problem.
  2. Professional restoration technicians with ServiceMaster of Buncombe County have the necessary hazmat gear to protect their lungs and their bodies as well as the experience to keep from spreading the mold from room to room during the cleanup phase.
  3. Every infestation requires different mold removal techniques and equipment. As an example, some wood types are more porous than others. One remediation method that works splendidly in a humid climate, may not be as effective in a dry, arid setting – or vice versa. You can scrub a room with bleach and water, but if you leave a tiny colony under a floor board or behind the shower wall, mold could recover and reappear in a few weeks or months. With at home DIY treatment, how can you be sure you got it all?

These are just three reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a mold remediation project by yourself.

Google is great for sourcing recipes and comparing running shoes, but not so great when you want to protect your family from health risks. If you think you have a mold problem, contact the experts at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County to schedule an inspection.

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