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3 Tips For Weather Damage Restoration

3 Tips For Weather Damage Restoration

No matter how great a house you live in, you can still have damage from a storm. Preparing for storms is just a smart thing to do.
  1. Make a list of things that MUST be saved and keep them in air-tight containers. Removing them from your home doesn't guarantee that they will be save. Any building can suffer storm damage. An air-tight container can do more to protect your most precious belongings than storing them away where you can't enjoy them.
  2. Create a Bug-out Bag to be able to move out if there is severe damage. The ice storms a few years ago left many without power, lights, or a way to cook. Put a kit together with freeze dried or dehydrated foods, flashlights, batteries and anything else you may need for a few days. Planning ahead can save a lot of headaches.
  3. Have a licensed, insured, expertly trained local team of restoration professionals ready to help you restore your home. Have ServiceMaster of Buncombe County saved in your contacts to call in case of emergency. Call (828) 252-5330 to get ServiceMaster moving in your direction with the right equipment and technicians to start working.
Don't let storms knock you down. Be prepared. Call ServiceMaster of Buncombe County.

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    All the staff working at our home were friendly and efficient. They helped make a terrible situation bearable. They all contributed to getting the job done and getting our home ready for renovation.

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