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5 Tips For Handling Hurricane Dorian

Be Ready When The Storm Arrives!
There are a few things you can do to be prepared before a storm comes your way. Hurricane Dorian may not be the one, but any storm can disrupt your life if you haven’t thought it through and created your own safety system.
  1. Check Batteries and Flashlights – Check to make sure you have batteries that work and flashlights in easy to get to places. Your best bet is to remove the batteries from the flashlight and storm them with the flashlight in a Ziploc bag. It keeps the batteries from corroding and protects the flashlight from water damage.
  2. Charge Cellphones & Cellphone Chargers – Keep your cellphones charged and have a couple extra portable chargers charged and ready to use in an emergency. That means no playing on your cellphone unless you have time to recharge it to 100%. Also, Even though it seems simple, make sure to have the charging cords available as well. 
  3. Store Valuables On High Ground – Pictures, books (Family Bibles), and anything that is precious to you and your family should be moved to a waterproof secure container and move it to an area of your home where ground water will not reach. 
  4. Get Enough Water for A Gallon Per Day Per Person – Water is the difference between surviving a disaster well and suffering from dehydration. Make sure you have enough water for everyone to drink and store it in a safe place out of any area that can be contaminated. Do not store potable water in a garage or in a basement where chemical vapors can permeate plastic containers. 
  5. Store Up On Foods That Don’t Spoil – If you are stuck in an area where power is out for a considerable time, you’ll need to have foods that you can eat without cooking or can be re-hydrated. Don’t get a bunch of junk food. Get foods that you’d bring on a hiking trip that have provide nutritional value. 
You don’t need to allow disasters happen without a fight. You may not be able to stop water from seeping into your home, but you can be ready if you need to just life for a couple of days without all the comforts that your home normally offers.
You best bet is to have the phone number for ServiceMaster of Buncombe County in your phone: (828) 252-5330

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