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6 Spring Cookout Fire Safety Tips

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Spring is here and many of our friends and neighbors are pulling the outdoor cooking equipment out of storage. Before long, families and friends will gather round the fire-pit to enjoy s’mores and memories and others are dreaming of loading up the outdoor grill with tender cuts of meat and garden-fresh veggies just begging for roasting. While most of these backyard parties result in thousands of share-worthy photos of smiling faces for social media, sadly the almost 9000 BBQ accidents in the United States each year mean some families instantly move from celebrating spring to tragedy recover mode.

This year, make sure your spring cookout is safe and fun with these six tips from our team of experts at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County.

Cookout Fire Safety Tips

  • Review your owner’s manual for care and operating instructions. Thoroughly clean BBQ equipment before use after winter storage, checking hoses, fittings, racks and tanks for damage.
  • Never use a grill or smoker designed for outside use indoors. Propane and charcoal grills pose chemical inhalation risks, and must be used outdoors to avoid toxic fume build-up.
  • Keep drip trays clean to prevent grease fires.
  • Position grills and smokers away from flammable material. Set up the cooking area at least 10 feet from the exterior walls, eaves and overhangs.
  • Use extra caution when barbecuing on a wooden deck or terrace
  • Make sure an approved fire extinguisher is charged, working and within easy reach

When the unthinkable does happen, Service Master of Asheville is here to walk you through the process and restore your property. Our professionals have the equipment and expertise to repair your home, remove smoke damage from interior and exterior surfaces and ensure you don’t have any evidence a fire even happened. Contact us today for more outdoor cooking safety tips before your next gathering.

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