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Disaster Restoration in WNC

Disaster Restoration is sometimes needed. Fire, flood, mold, smoke, soot, odors and more can be mitigated and we can restore your home with one call to ServiceMaster of Buncombe County. Disasters in your home don’t need to be a hassle. ServiceMaster of Buncombe County has the best service from highly trained teams who can remove the damages and rebuild your home.

With one call, we can work with your insurance carrier and communicate updates to you so that you can go to work, school, or where ever you need. Insurance companies can be difficult to get information from, especially when you are emotional about the damage to your home. We have been working with local adjusters and agents for more than 20 years and can handle the job of getting everything you are entitled to in repairs.

We have seen every kind of damage and have been able to help every customer we worked for to restore their homes. From big fires that destroy a kitchen, to water damage from your child dropping objects into the toilet and closing the door when the toilet overflows (so that you don’t know about the mess *wink), we can have a skilled, trained and respectful team onsite within hours and have the job started quickly. We are happy to help our neighbors in the Asheville and surrounding areas.

If you visit our contact page you will be able to send us a message to contact you and get the restoration process started. Our motto is, “Honor God in all we do.” and we take that seriously. Your home, your family, and your possessions are important and we you to know we are helpful, honorable people ready to serve or community.

Call (828) 252-5330 for prompt service. We will be able to take your home from Disaster to Done!

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