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How Do I Stop A Water Leak In My House?

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County

What do you do if you come home to a flooded house and you can’t find where the pipe is leaking water? Pipes run all through your home to bring water to sinks, bathtubs, and showers. A small leak, smaller than the size of the nail on your pinkie finger can create a HUGE mess. Water in the pipes is pressurized to push the water. That kind of pressure pushing water out of a tiny hole can equal many gallons quickly.

If you can, turn off the water at the meter. There is a shut off valve at the meter and can be turned off to the entire house. Better to have no water than to have more personal items soaked and ruined.

Next, call ServiceMaster of Buncombe County to assess the damages, work with your insurance adjuster to build an estimate for services, and start the clean up. They may have to wait for a plumber to come out and replace the pipe that is leaking. They can start packing out items that will need to be cleaned and stored at their facility during this time. Once the plumber is done, ServiceMaster can start removing the damages and drying the space affected.

ServiceMaster is a full-service restoration company and can rebuild your home. Call us at (828) 252-5330.

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