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How To Remove Mold

How do you remove mold from your home? Is it a sign of damage or is it something else? What does it take to keep mold from coming back?

Mold Removal Experts
Mold Removal Experts

Mold is a simple reaction to a damp, dark space that has spores for mold to grow and take hold. If you think about mold growth as fire, you will see that removing the elements that get it started will keep it from coming back. Fire needs fuel, air and a spark to get it started. Mold needs darkness, moisture and spores to get it started. Remove one or more of these items and no reaction will happen.

Dark moist corners of your home are naturally there. It doesn’t mean your home has damage. The key is to disrupt the growth of mold at the source. By drying a space that is perfect for mold growth, the spores cannot grow. Shining light in these dark spaces in your home may not make sense, but you can remove the spores and make them inert. That requires an anti-microbial agent that is also safe for home use.

ServiceMaster of Buncombe County is a full-service restoration company. We have done mold removal for more than two decades, and we are happy to help you. We will dry the space and use “green” products to make sure mold cannot grow again.

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