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4 Mistakes Homeowners Make in the Aftermath of an Emergency


Emergencies and disasters can happen when you are a homeowner, and while one of the most important steps to ensuring your home is protected is to maintain proper homeowners insurance, following the proper procedures in the aftermath of an emergency is imperative to making sure the damage will be covered.  To handle your emergency like a pro, avoid the common mistakes homeowners make after an emergency listed below.

  • Not properly documenting the damage – While it is most likely that you with either have an adjuster come to the home to do a damage assessment, documenting the immediate aftermath of damage of an emergency is important to ensuring that your claim will not only be paid but that everything damaged will be included on it as well.
  • Not having a list of personal property or valuables that are in the home –  While you choose your coverage option based on the property in your home, having a list of the private property especially valuable items before a disaster occurs is important not only to show documentation of items that were in your home but also their value.
  • Not contacting the insurance company right away – Even though you may be shaken up and disoriented after an emergency it is important to contact your insurance company immediately.  Once you have ensured the safety of your family and occupants in your home, the next step should be contacting your insurance to open up a claim.  
  • Not hiring proper disaster relief companies – While many homeowners may feel that they can remedy the damage themselves after an emergency, it is most likely they do not have the proper tools or know how to fix the problems properly.  An experienced relief and clean up company knows the important steps to follow to ensure that your insurance company will cover the damage and that the disaster will be thoroughly remedied.  A poor cleanup can lead to complications in the home down the road.

Avoid the four homeowner’s mistakes above in the aftermath of an emergency to help make sure your claim is covered, and your home is restored correctly.  If you have recently experienced an emergency or want more information on what to do in the aftermath, contact the service professionals at ServiceMaster of Buncombe County today.

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