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Spring Storm Preparedness Tips  

spring storm

Spring weather can be unpredictable at best and disastrous at worst. To get ready for this upcoming Spring’s tumultuous weather, consider the following tips:

Put Together an Emergency Kit for Potential Power Outages:

It’s important to gather certain items to help you get through a power loss during a storm. A well-rounded emergency kit should include:

  • Flashlight and plenty of extra batteries
  • Candles and matches or lighters
  • Weather radio and batteries
  • A secondary phone battery or solar charger
  • First aid kit for minor injuries
  • Extra water to cook with and drink
  • Non-perishable food items

Prepare Your Home for Flooding:

Flooding is the single most common natural disaster in America. Therefore, you need to ensure you are ready for this risk. Here are some ways to get your home flood ready:

  • Make sure your gutters are free of debris before new storms come into your area. This will ensure they work properly to move water away from your home.
  • Ensure your home owner’s policy includes flood insurance. In almost every instance, flood insurance requires an additional policy. Make sure you find out before the storm whether or not you need additional coverage for your home.
  • If you do experience flooding, no matter how minor it may seem, contact the experts at Service Master of Buncombe County as soon as possible. Don’t try to take care of it alone, flood water damage requires professional attention.

Contact ServiceMaster of Buncombe County today to schedule service or to find out more tips on readying your home for spring weather.

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