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4 Ways Your Dirty Carpets Could be Making You Sick


Dirty carpets not only cause your home to look, feel, and smell unclean, they also can lead to health conditions. Listed below are four ways that your dirty carpets could actually be causing you to get sick. Dirty carpets can:

1. Trigger asthma or cause other respiratory illness – Dirty carpets can harbor a variety of things that can lead to respiratory distress or cause asthma to become more severe. Elements such as dust mites, fungi spores, mold, dander, toxins, and other allergens can cause respiratory illness and trigger asthma attacks as well as other allergy related conditions.

2. Weaken your immune system – Your immune system responds to bacteria and toxic substances by kicking into overdrive to fight and protect the body. When you are constantly in an unclean environment, your immune system can be experiencing too much stress because it is in a constant battle with its environment, this can lead to you feeling run down and become sick more easily.

3. Cause skin irritation – Dirt, bacteria, and fungus that can become trapped in the carpet can work its way onto your skin or into the skin through cuts on your feet leading to skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, skin irritation, and rashes.

4. Harbor unwanted insects – Without regular cleaning, your carpet can become a haven for dust mites, fleas, and other insects. Due to the reproduction capacity of most insects, as many as a few can turn into an overwhelming population if they are allowed to breed unhindered in carpet fibers.

To help prevent the illness that can come with dirty carpets it is important to regularly vacuum and get your carpets cleaned on a routine basis. If you want to get you and your carpets on the road to good health contact ServiceMaster of Buncombe County today to schedule your carpet cleaning service.

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