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What To Do When Plumbing Leaks


What do you do when a pipe leaks in your home?

  1. Go to water heater and turn all the valves off. This can stop the water from continuing to flow.
  2. Pull any personal items out of the water and dry them Quickly! Don’t let water ruin your stuff.
  3. Using a wet/dry vacuum can help remove some or most of the water. Don’t let it sit for long.
  4. Use towels if you need to or sweep the water out the door if that is possible. Again, dry fast!
  5. Call ServiceMaster of Buncombe County to help. They can remove the damaged areas of your home and work with your insurance company to get the work you will need to have completed. Don’t wait!

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I really appreciate the fact that they came to my rescue on a holiday weekend. I spoke with Kim Bowman and within 2 hours his his crew was on-site. I thought that was remarkable to have that quick of a response time!

Kelly Satterfield

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