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Why Every Homeowner Should Know the Location of Their Water Shutoff Valve

Water shutoff value

When most people think of home flooding, they imagine a storm causing a massive deluge that spreads through their house. And while storms do cause flooding, the plumbing system you use for showering, cooking, and cleaning can do the same just as easily. If your plumbing system springs a major leak, you can quickly fill your home or yard up with water. This makes it essential that you know where your home’s main water shutoff valve is and be prepared to use it.

The Vital Importance of the Shutoff Valve

Each home has a main water shutoff valve put in place during construction, which is used to stop water from flowing through your pipes. You’ll need it for situations where the plumbing system springs a leak that you can’t stop, or if there is a leaking pipe but you cannot find its location. By using the shutoff valve, you can prevent:

  • Water Damage– The longer you let a leak persist, the more damage it will cause to the structure of your home. But if you know where the shutoff valve is, you can stop the leak immediately and keep your house safe and sturdy.
  • Mold Growth– Plumbing leaks provide the moisture necessary for mold to infest your house. Shutting off the water supply until you can fix the leak prevents you from having to clean mold out of your home and deal with the resulting structural damage.
  • High Utility Bills– Major leaks waste an enormous amount of water, sending your utility bills through the roof. By using the shutoff valve as soon as a big leak starts, you can prevent any increase in cost.

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